Welcome to Arabic Courses.  We offer an array of Islamic services from teaching Arabic and Islam to both adults and children.

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Join us as we begin our Madeenah University intensive Arabic Courses.  We will complete the curriculum studied in the Arabic institute in the Islamic University of Madeenah.  Be Arabic ready and fluent in just 2 years.  Click HERE for more details.

We have offer an array of activities for the wider community.  Click here to find out about our most recent events.

Small class sizes, new facilities, excellent teaching methods and a proven curriculum. 

Learn about our history, where we have come from and where we are heading.

We provide a variety of services for our younger generation. Madrasah, memorisation of Qur’aan and more

Our purpose built Islamic Centre situated in Leyton aimed at providing structured education and quality social events to the wider community.

We offer a selection of unique classes and workshops to aid your children’s educations and understanding.

Join our dedicated youth group for an selection of fun and educational activities.

Madeenah University Intensive Arabic Courses

Listen to 24 hour Qur’aan & Islamic radios station, or visit our Islamic Library