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Arabic Courses has been teaching Arabic since 2006 and have worked closely with the authorities with developing the final exam for 2019. From our experience we are able to offer a high level of education to our students.
We also give them the time and focus that they need to be proficient in reading, speaking and writing with our low teacher to student ratio.

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Many of our children achieve GCSE certification for English and even French, but have not been offered the opportunity to do the same for Arabic, the language of the Qur’aan. We have prepared this two year course aimed at preparing semi-advanced students for their edexcel exam in July 2019. This course will kick start your child’s further studies in not only the Arabic language, but in further Islamic studies.

Class – Dates & Times

We have two separate classes, one for first year students and one for second year students.

Term Dates 2017/18

  • Autumn Term

    13 Weeks: 11th Sep to 20th Dec – Holiday: Half Term 23rd – 29th Oct

  • Spring Term

    12 Weeks: 3rd Jan to 1st Apr – Holiday: Half Term 12th to 18th Feb

  • Summer Term

    12 Weeks: 16th Apr to 22nd Jul – Holiday: Half term & Last 10 Nights of Ramadhaan 28th May – 17th Jun

Term Dates 2018/19

  • Autumn Term

    14 Weeks: 10th Sep to 21th Dec – Holiday: Half Term 29th Oct to 4th Nov

  • Spring Term

    11 Weeks: 7th Jan to 31st May – Holiday: Half Term 11th to 17th Feb

  • Summer Term

    6 Weeks: 15th Apr to 26th May Please Note there will be no class during exam time which is the second half of the term

Times & Classes

First Year Class


Per Month
  • Every Monday
  • 5:30pm-7:30pm
  • Starting 11th September 2017

Second Year Class


Per Month
  • Every Tuesday & Thursday
  • 6:00pm-8:00pm
  • Starting 12th September 2017
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Course Overview

The GCSE Arabic course will working according to the new EDEXCEL syllabus as implemented in schools this year 2017. We will cover how to read, understand and reply in various scenarios and situations. This is a comprehensive study of the Arabic Language and will contain plenty of exam preparation and study to get your child Achieving A to A* in their exams.

Examples Of Subjects Covered

  • Home & Daily Routines
  • Social Activities, Fitness & Health
  • Education, Training & Employment
  • In the United Kingdom & Abroad
  • Media, Entertainment & Youth Culture

Online Supplements

With our GCSE program, your child will also have access to online supplement audios, exercises and material that will help them keep on top of their studies.

Benefits Of Online Integration

  • Online Homework & Assessments
  • Realtime Feedback
  • Audio practice
  • Submit Assignments Online
  • Visual Progress Monitoring

Assessment & Teaching Method

We will have regular classroom assessments, with larger formal assessments every half term. These will be done under exam conditions and will give the student the opportunity to prepare for the main GCSE exam.

Special Attention
Please note that the final GCSE exam will have to be sat at an external examination board. We can help point you in the right directions of where to sit it but we are not responsibility to sign your child up for it.
Sign up today as spaces are limited.

Additional information

Payment Method

Full, Monthly Direct Debit

Academic Year

First Year, Second Year


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