Sincere Advice About Marriage


Learn about the role of men and women in society, how the institute of marriage works in Islamic, how to find a spouse and be happy, and more.

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This 4 week workshop will covered all aspects related to male and female interactions. If you want to get married, are already married or struggle with the challenges of being the ‘perfect spouse’ then this course is directed to you.

We have problems in our community.  high divorce rates, broken homes, difficulties in finding the ‘right person’ and more.  The Messenger of Allaah ﷺ warned of the dangers that will afflict this nation if we delay marriage or make it difficult. But once we’re married, how do we stay married? And if a couple cannot stay together, how does one separate amicably? These are the questions we will delve into and answer.

Basic learning how to read

Basic Level

The Madeenah Book series is a collection of books that was authored for the purpose of teaching the Arabic language in a methodical, structured manner with the primary goal of giving the students the tools necessary to understand the Qur’an.

Lesson Focus

  • Learn simple words
  • Form simple sentences
  • Little emphasis on complex grammar

Vocabulary Is Key

The key to learning any language is knowledge of often-used vocabulary. In this level we focus on each student learning the vocabulary more-so than the grammar behind the sentence.

Lesson Focus

  • Word drilling
  • Learning words in context


Practice Makes Perfect

It is very important for any student of any language to practice what they learn regularly, both in and outside of class. We give a lot of emphasis on practicing the vocabulary, the use of the words in sentences and the various different ways of expressing oneself.

Lesson Focus

  • Regular reading practice
  • Writing practice
  • Constant oral practice

Assessment & Teaching Method

At this level, you will learn the very basics in a classroom environment. Below is a video that will summarise the types of sentences that will be covered. It’s important to note that grammar is a small part of learning any language. Knowledge of vocabulary is essential in order to have a good understanding of the language.

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Workshop – Dates & Times

Every Saturday
Starting 23rd September 2017
From 15:00-18:00

  • Week 1

    Male & Female roles in Islam – Achieving Harmony – Purpose Of Family – Feminism/Mgtow – Qualities To Look For In A Spouse

  • Week 2

    The Great Search – The Dreaded Profile – The Meeting – The Mahr – The Family – The Nikaah & Waleemah – Culture & Tradition – Make Things Easy Or Difficult

  • Week 3

    Married Life – Rights Of The Husband – Rights Of The Wife – Raising The Children – How To Make A Happy Home – How To Destroy The Marriage – Male & Female Nature

  • Week 4

    The Unfortunate End – Why Did It Happen? – Does It Have To Happen? – Sacrifice & Time – Splitting The Money – Looking After Kids – Islamic Divorce vs UK Divorce – Khul’

Teacher & Audience
This workshop will be delivered by Mu’aawiyah Tucker, a graduate of the Islamic University of Madeenah. This workshop is open to both Men and Women and we invite all to attend.

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