Meet Our Staff

At Arabic Courses, we have a team of trained and qualified administration and teachers. We pride ourselves on providing the best in Arabic and Islamic tuition. All of our teachers go through rigorous training in order to ensure that receive the very best in Arabic tuition. With other 10 years of Arabic teaching experiences, we guarantee that at Arabic Courses you will receive the very best.

Mu'aawiyah Tucker
Head Teacher & Manager
Mu'aawiyah Tucker is a Muslim who accepted Islam at the age of 17 and later went on to study and then graduate from the faculty of Islamic Law from the Islamic University of Madeenah. Mu'aawiyah Tucker also was given the task of overseeing the certification of both GCSE and A-Level Arabic. This means that EDEXCEL had to submit their qualifications for both GCSE and A-Level Arabic to OFQUAL (the government body in charge of certifications) and he took part in accepting this certification or rejecting it.
Humaira Sarwari
Female Arabic Teacher
Sister Humaira has many years experience with the Arabic language and a deep knowledge of the Arabic Grammar rules and Morphological patterns. She has been successfully teaching Arabic to both women and children and has shown a deep understanding of the language.
Fahad Sabri
Male Arabic Teacher
Fahad Sabri has spent many years teaching the Arabic language and the Qur'an. He has an excellent understanding of the Arabic language and also of UK specifications as it relates to the Arabic language at GCSE level.